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Hall of Shame
Suspect Corruption in CT Call the Feds
Here is a list of some of the cases investigated by the Feds in CT
Feds Investigate CT - Review their cases - 2016
Ohio Has New Ethics Strategy
Public Shaming Politicians - Staff - Sept 2015
Manhattan US Attorney says Albany Politicians are Corrupt
Follow the corruption exposed since the Moreland Commission formed in 2013
Various - News Publications - Oct 2015
Former Virginia Gov Corruption Conviction Upheld
Brazil Oil Giant Faces Fine of 98 Billion Dollars Shareholder Lawsuit in US Over Corruption Scheme
Various News - Publications - July 2015
Rooting Out Corruption in Connecticut
FBI Will Do What Our State Officials Will Not
Federation of CT - Taxpayers - 2015
And Research Public Corruption
FBI - Website - Feb 2015
Recent FBI Convictions
As Feds Return to Root Out Corruption in Connecticut
Various - Publications - Feb 2015
Chris Donovan Lands Job with CEA
View Reports on Scandal Involving those Involved in Donovan Campaign. Donovan was never implicated. - Staff - Dec 2014
Newton Convicted
On Three charges of illegal practices in campaign financing
CTPost - Michael Mayko - Jan 2015
Rowland and His Clients sentencing dates delayed
Complaint that prosecutors withheld evidence from Rowland lawyers
News - Publications - Jan 2015
Winchester Finance Director Sentenced for Stealing from Town
Timeline of The Rise and Fall of Henry Centrella
Various News - Publications - April 2014
Feds Close Corruption Investigation - staff - May 28 2014
Corruption Issues Throughout the Country
Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonald Sentenced to two years in Prison
Various News - Publications - Jan 2015
ProPublica Inside the New York Fed
Secret Recordings and a Culture Clash
ProPublica - Staff - Sept 2014
DOJ Pays 4000 Employees to do Union Work
At Taxpayers Expense
Washington Examiner - Staff - Oct 2014
State Elections Enforcement Commission Slams State Democrats
For Attempting to Co Mingle State and Federal Campaign Funds
The Federation of - CT Taxpayers - Oct 2014
Connecticut Cannot Shake Corruption as Leaders Resist Reform
The Braddock case showed there are buyers and sellers as well as those willing to avert their eyes during the transaction
Jennifer Swift - Connecticut Magazine - Aug 2013
GSA corruption more far reaching than suspected says lawmaker
Its Las Vegas adventure on the taxpayers dime is tidal wave of corruption mismanagement and waste
Jim Kouri - Examiner - April 16, 2012
Feds Seize Records At Embattled Hartford Anti Poverty Agency
Focus on program which helped homeowners with home improvement projects they cld not afford
Hartford Courant - JON LENDER And CHRISTINE DEMPSEY - April 19, 2012
States with the Most Lax Anti Corruption Laws
Most of the states that received high marks have big governments with long histories of corruption and political machinery Connecticut and California fit this description
News source - Center for Public Integrity - March 2012
Ex Haiti Official Convicted in US for Corruption
Corruption in Germany will cost billions
Various News - Sources - March 2012
State With Most Integrity is New Jersey, Center for Public Integrity Study Shows
Connecticut is Second
Huffington Post - Staff - March 19, 2012
Anti Poverty Agency pays over 100,000 dollars to exec rarely there
Community Renewal Team CEO contract runs through 2013 while most time is spent in Florida
Jon Lender - Courant - Feb, 2012
East Haven Corruption Goes Right to the Top
Report cites bigotry and corruption in the police dept
Chris Powell - Journal Inquirer - Dec 2011
Jack Abramoff Proposes Reforms for Corrupt Lobbying
He wishes it were illegal for lobbyists or special interests to give money politically - he urges lawmakers and their staffers to stop moving from the public service sector to the influence industry - and More
U.S. News and World Report - LAUREN FOX - Feb 2012
Bill DeWeese Convicted In Corruption Case
A jury convicted a senior Democrat in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives on all but one of six charges in the latest corruption trial stemming from a five year investigation into the use of taxpayers resources for political purposes.
By The Huffington Post - News Editors - Feb 7, 2012
Oil Corruption May Threaten Angola Nigeria Global Witness Says
Commerce councilman pleads guilty in corruption case, Jack Abramoff wont name names
Various News - Publications - Feb 2012
Corruption on grand scale in insider trading case
Law enforcement officials announced charges against seven hedge fund and investment professionals in an insider trading case they called a stunning portrait of organized corruption on a grand scale.
CNNMoney - By James OToole - Jan 18, 2012
The BP oil disaster in the Gulf has had untold health, economic and environmental effects. History and Recent Items by ProPublica Includes Spillionaires Powerbroker Loses Re election Bid
ProPublica - Staff - Nov 2011
TWO NEWS REPORTS Ex Pa. senator resentenced to 61 months in prison and
New York state Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. acquitted
Washington Post and - Wall St Journal - Nov 2011
JACK ABRAMOFF The lobbyist playbook
Crooked lobbyist Jack Abramoff explains how he asserted his influence in Congress for years, and how such corruption continues today despite ethics reform.
60 Minutes - Leslie Stahl - Nov 6, 2011
No bail yet for Silvester scandal figure who files another appeal
A federal judge has yet to rule on a former West Hartford lawyers bid to stay out of jail
Journal Inquirer - Don Michak - Oct 8, 2011
Credit crunch grinds down Rowland buddy
Robert V. Matthews escaped severe penalties in state scandal but is now mired in bankruptcies - foreclosures and unpaid taxes .
Don Michak - Journal Inquirer - Jan 2010
Lawyer gets two years in old state treasury scandal. Spadoni says he will appeal again
Charles B. Spadoni a lawyer convicted eight years ago of obstructing justice as the FBI and a grand jury investigated the corrupt former state treasurer Paul Silvester was ordered Friday to serve two years in a federal prison and pay a 50,000 dollar fine.
Don Michak - Journal Inquirer - Sept 2, 2011
Appeals court upholds corruption conviction of ex deputy mayor of Jersey City
found guilty of accepting 20,000 dollars in bribes while serving as campaign treasurer for Mayor Jerramiah Healy - KAREN SUDOL - Sept 2011
JUDGE Eight is enough for ex Speaker Sal DiMasi
Sentence slapped on disgraced DiMasi delivered a strong message to Beacon Hill pols that public corruption will be met with a heavy penalty legal experts
Boston Herald - By Richard Weir - Sept 10, 2011
Ex Pa. speaker pleads guilty to corruption
The onetime speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives pleaded guilty yesterday to eight criminal charges stemming from a public corruption investigation, making him the highest ranking state politician to be convicted in the 4 year inquiry.
Boston Globe - Staff - Sept 1, 2011
Bell former leaders are gone but their legacy lingers
Bell residents pay one of the highest property tax rates in LA County despite being one of its poorest cities. Homeowners told taxes to go up again to pay for park that will never be built.
By Ruben Vives - Los Angeles Times - Aug 30, 2011
The New Watchdogs
Can the Web drive investigative journalism in a post newspaper era
Conor Friedersdorf is an associate editor - at The Atlantic - Aug 2011
ALABAMA Federal prosecutor says millions caused corruption
A prosecutor in the gambling corruption trial told jurors that the defendants offered money for votes to pass progambling legislation because electronic bingo machines were making millions of dollars and they did not want to lose their gravy train.
Associated Press Deseret News - By Phillip Rawls - Aug 2011
Labor official resigns amid corruption probe
An assistant secretary at the Department of Labor has resigned after an internal investigation found that he improperly steered federal contracts to friends and former colleagues.
By SAM HANANEL - Associated Press - July 27, 2011
2 years later, legacy of Operation Bid Rig corruption sting lives on
But two years since the biggest federal corruption sting in New Jersey history broke open, the strange and sometimes bizarre criminal case involving dozens of politicians continues to play out
By Ted Sherman - The Star Ledger - July 22, 2011
Former China Mobile Exec Sentenced to Death for Corruption
For accepting more than 1.15 million dollars in bribes while working at state run telecommunications companies
By Damon Poeter - - July 22, 2011
A report by China central bank found that thousands of Chinese government officials have smuggled billions out of the country and fled mainly to the US highlighting the corruption within a corrupt system.
Worldcrunch - Xin Haiguang E.O. - July 23, 2011
UK anti corruption drive has US companies sweating
US companies are nervously reviewing their policies on how they wine and dine business contacts abroad in the wake of tough new regulations imposed in Britain.
Reuters - Andrea Shalal Esa - July 2011
Congressman calls for Hill investigation of Murdoch hacking scandal and Much More News
Various News - Publications - July 2011
Whitey Bulger Could Spill FBI Corruption Secrets
FBI had Shielded Bulger
Huffington Post - John Rudolf - July 2011
Ex Mass Speaker Convicted in Corruption Case
As a result strong Ethics Laws Enacted.
Boston Globe - Staff - July 2011
US Homeland Security agent arrested during federal corruption investigation
Investigation revealed she illegally accessed stole and transferred sensitive US gov documents to family members and associates with strong ties to drug trafficking organizations.
Channel 6 News - Arizona - July 2011
Connecticut legislative corruption record just not up to Massachusetts standard
Of course Connecticut has one corruption distinction in recent years that Massachusetts lacks - a governor .....
Hartford Advocate - By Gregory B. Hladky - June 2011
Agent who arrested CT politicians now seeks House seat
Two decades ago Clark chased former Waterbury mayor Joseph Santopietro through the street to arrest him.
Associated Press - John Christoffersen - July 2011
How to stop the next Blagojevich - Electronic Eavesdropping and More
But it is a tool one of many that is not available to state or local prosecutors investigating government corruption in Illinois.
Chicago Tribume - - July 2011
State and Federal Investigative Agencies are Active Throughout the Country.
The Federation of - CT Taxpayer Organizations - 2010
SEC - DiBella transferred asset to wife and wont pay up
MDC Commission Chairman William A. DiBella has yet to pay any of the $791,500 in fines imposed by a federal judge 15 months ago...
Don Michak - Journal Inquirer - July 2009
From Wall Stree to Main Street
Various - News Sources - 2009
The Village Voice - James Lieber - 2009
Illinois Corruption
Reach as far back into Illinois history as you like and your hands will likely come out dirty.
CLAIRE SUDDATH - Time Magazine - Dec 2008
News on Corruption
News Sources - News Staff - 2008
Trash Industry Corruption
....a lack of state scrutiny allows trash haulers to keep the cost of garbage disposal high
NY Times - staff - 2007
Ex State Highway Engineer Pleads Guilty To Taking Corrupt Payments
Pertains to the disastrous $50 million taxpayer improvement project on I-84
Hartford Courant - Staff - 2008
CORRUPTION thrives in Connecticut. In recent years, some of our most prominent politicians have been sent to prison.
News - Staff - 2006
Political Scandals Refuse To Go Away in Corrupticut
The past few years have revealed so many tales of graft, malfeasance and all purpose criminality by public servants in Connecticut that it is hard to choose the most brazen.
Washington Post - staff - July 2006
Ex DOT Official Pleads Guilty
First Probe Suspect To Admit Role In No Bid Contracts Scheme, State Money Diversion
Staff - Hartford Courant - June 20, 2006
Top Rowland aide, contractor sentenced in corruption case
In court the judge and prosecutors said today that they had to send a message to the public at large that corruption must not be tolerated.
Staff - WHTN - 2006
Former state senator tried to help mob, prosecutors allege
Newton worked with a reputed mobster and his associate to try to stop police raids on businesses and advance their business interests, federal prosecutors alleged
AP Staff - Associated Press - Jan 2006
Ex Connecticut Governor Gets 1 Year in Prison for Corruption
Prosecutors said Rowland ran a corrupt office, with aides steering state business to companies in exchange for cash, gold coins and expensive gifts
AP Staff - Associated Press - 2005
Indictment Alleges Public Corruption in Connecticut State Government. View Actual Indictment.
Staff - US Attorney Office - 2004
Fraud Charges Reinstated Against Developer
A federal appeals court has reinstated a criminal fraud indictment against multimillionaire Hartford developer and philanthropist Anthony D. Autorino.
Jon Lender - Hartford Courant - August, 2004
SEC Files Fraud Lawsuit Against DiBella
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filed a civil fraud lawsuit today against former state Senate Majority Leader William DiBella for his dealings with former state Treasurer Paul Silvester.
Staff - Associated Press - August, 2004
2003 and 2004 Contracting and Ethics Legislation
A summary of 2003 and 2004 legislation on state contracting and ethics.
OLR - State of Connecticut - July 2004
Focus On Rowland Stock
Rowland had made a significant investment in a company founded by a Hartford entrepreneur who stood to gain the most from the college relocation to Hartford.
Jon Lender and Others - Hartford Courant - Jan 29, 2004
Mob link stronger than suspected at company that lost $9 million in state pension money
$9 million from the state pension fund now value at just $178.
Don Michak - Journal Inquirer - 2003
Calls for a legislative investigation into corruption in the Rowland administration continue to gro
Visit the Connecticut Citizens Action Group website for further insight into the improprieties affecting the Rowland administration.
Staff - CCAG - Dec 2003
Enron, CRRA, and Cnnecticut Light and Power Contracts
Description of the Contracts among CRRA, Enron and CL&P by the State of Conn Office of Legislative Research
Kevin E. McCarthy, Principal Analyst - Conn Office of Legislative Research - Jan 31, 2002
How Many Charges Will It Take. And How Much Disgrace Is Too Much.
An Editorial by Chris Powell of the Journal Inquirer
Chris Powell - Journal Inquirer - Dec 21, 2003
Gifts, Lies Admitted.
Gov. Rowland Acknowledges Free Work On Cottage.
Jon Lender - Hartford Courant - Dec 13, 2003
New London Day Editorial
Subsequent to Governor Rowland admission of lies, newspaper editors have been calling for his resignation. This is one such editorial.
Editor - The Day - Dec 13, 2003
Statement of Governor John G. Rowland
In the words of Governor Rowland following his admission of lies regarding vacation cottage
Governor Rowland - Hartford Courant - Dec 13, 2003
Feds Eyeing Lake House
Rowland Cottage Is Subject Of Subpoenas
Dave Altimari and Jon Lender - Hartford Courant - Dec 2, 2003
Mob Link to State Pension Fund Loss
$9 Million Pension Fund Investment Valued at $178
Don Michak - Journal Inquirer - Oct 3, 2003
From Bad To Worse In Ethics August 31, 2003 Hartford Courant Editorial
Governor Rowlands Credit Card Settlement with the Ethics Commission
Opinion - Hartford Courant - Aug 31, 2003



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