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CT Taxpayer Groups
Republican State Rep Toni Boucher Explains Why Union Contract Not Sustainable
The Federation has been suggesting for years that Connecticut must join other States and End or Reform Binding Arbitration Mandates.
The Federation of CT - Taxpayers - September 9 2017
Gov Malloy has Shifted the Cost of Teacher Pensions onto the CT Towns
Keep a check on the website Pension Tsunami to keep current on the impact of Unions on CT Taxpayers
The Federation of - CT Taxpayers - March 2016
One State Retiree Feels his Pension is Not Large Enough
So he is suing the State to increase his 135,000 Dollar a Year Pension
News Reports - on Pensions - Oct 2016
Connecticut State Retiree Pensions have grown to over $300,000
CT Taxpayers Pay Among the Highest Taxes in the nation while rating agencies downgrade our state
Check out PensionTsunamiCT - Great Website Check Back Often - July 1, 2016
Public Employee Pensions are Bankrupting States and Towns throughout the Country
Check out Pension Tsunami for news throughout the country
Pension Tsunami - Staff - July 2016
Want to know what is happening throughout the country regarding Public Sector Unions
Then click on and begin reading
Keep current with - - July 2016
The government employee unions run his party - the majority party - and thus the whole state
Chris Powell writes an excellent editorial - Do not miss one word of MALLOY HAD NO CHOICE WITH BUDGET CUTS AND HE DOES NOT WANT ONE
Chris Powell - Journal Inquirer - Sept 23, 2015
Public sector unions are not underdogs and they are rich...
Amity Shlaes - Chairs Board of Calvin Coolidge Foundation - 2015
How Government Unions are Destroying America
Visit which posts what is transpiring within Public Sector Unions throughout the country
The Federation of CT - Taxpayer Organizations - Oct 2015
Visit the Website Pension Tsunami to Learn the Impact of Public Pensions on Taxpayers Nationally
Click the Link Will Provides Info On Public Pensions in Connecticut
Info on Public Pensions - From Pension Tsunami - April 2015
State Employee Pensions
For Calendar Year 2014
From the State of CT - Transparency Website - April 2015
Public Employee Unions Gone Wild
Their excesssive demands squeeze local governments
National Review - Patrick Brennan - April 2012
How Unions and Bankers Work Together
To Protect Unsustainable Defined Benefits
Ed Ring - Union Watch - Nov 2013
Is Spending on Employee Benefits
Crowding Out Funding for Basic City Services ALSO VISIT PENSION TSUNAMI WEB SITE
Manhattan Institute - Staff - Oct, 2013
Public Sector Unions Win Again in Illinois
Union Watch - Staff - Oct 2013
Federal judge rules Wisconsin union reforms constitutional By Reuters Sept 2013
Walker Victory Spells Doom for Public Sector Unions By Bill Freeza
Reuters and - Forbes - Sept 2013
The Rhode Island rollback of public employee retirement benefits
Turned the small state into a national battleground over pensions.
Wall St Journal - Staff - Dec 2012
Ed Jacovino - JOURNAL INQUIRER - Oct 2013
Teachers Union suit goes after law cracking down on public pension abuse
CHICAGO CPS, teachers end legal battles in new contract
Noreen S. Ahmed Ullah - Chicago Tribune reporter - Sept and Oct 2012
State Will Not Release Decision on Employee Fraud
State officials refuse to release the arbitration decisions that allowed more than 40 state employees to get their jobs back after accusations they had fraudulently received federal aid.
Ed Jacovino - Journal Inquirer - June 15, 2012
Sgt Koistinen will receive 48,815 dollars in disability payments for heart and hypertension
Windsor Locks Fires Police Sgt Robert Koistinen interferred with investigation of fatal car crash involving his son
Hartford Courant - Staff - January 11, 2012
Should Unused Sick Time Equal Cash
Lt Gov Wyman said not paying departing employees for unused sick time would be sending the message that they wld have to use sick days or lose them
Arielle Levin Becker - - May 17, 2012
Superintendent Highest Paid Avon Employee
Fairfield and Middletown Supers also Pulling in Big Pay
Various News - Publications - May 2012
How California Unions Hijacked the Golden State
Overtime pay soars for Calif state run police force and Sacrificial scams
Various News - Publications - May 2012
When bullies grow up they can always run teachers unions Rogue Democrats Loot Detroit As Nation Sleeps
Various News - Articles - May 2012
Public pension best practices omit one thing
How do we pay benefits - Check This Website Daily
Chapter 11 case could trigger wave of public pension fund bankruptcies
Experts say outcome cld have widespread implications for other public pensions in the US
Darla Mercado - - Apr 30, 2012
San Jose Retirement at 50 Threatens Solvency Muni Credit
The predicament of the 10th biggest US city reflects the painful choices that rising public worker pension and health costs are inflicting on municipalities.
Alison Vekshin and James Nash - Bloomberg - May 1, 2012
Union tries to rally support for study on state run retirement savings plan
Gov disputed education reforms turn on politics policy and labor law - Staff - April 30, 2012
Fed screams softly in warning about public pension crisis
NY Passes State Pension Reform More on Stockton and Providence Bankruptcies
Various News - Sources - April 2012
California City Hit by 2 Million Dollar Parking Ticket
Stockton CA faced with bankruptcy stopped paying its bills
Rich Smith - The Motley Fool - April 17, 2012
House approves controversial collective bargaining proposal
The bill would allow for collective bargaining by day care providers and personal care attendants - Arielle Levin Becker - April 20 2012
Unfunded Public Employee Healthcare Costs Will be an Even Bigger Crisis than Underfunded Pensions
Report on State Pension Crisis Reforms Misses Taxpayers Bottom Line
Two News - Sources - March 2012
Florida Battle Shows State Pension Cut Challenge
Judge Rules Wisconsin Voter ID Law Violates Constitution
Bloomberg - Staff - March 2012
Stop Billing the Grandkids
Intergenerational Equity in Pension Plans Is Long Overdue
Girard Miller - Governing Magazine - March 2012
Salary spiking drains public pension funds analysis finds
Twenty Calif counties allow some workers to make more in retirement than while working as the coffers are underfunded by millions of dollars
LA Times - Staff - March 2012
California Greek Tragedy
No one should write off the Golden State But it will take massive reforms to reverse its economic decline.
Wall St Journal - MICHAEL BOSKIN and JOHN COGAN - March 2012
Compensation Monster Devouring Cities
In the typical city town or school district compensation costs generally range from 70 to 80 percent of the budget
Thousands of non union workers to receive longevity bonuses
CT Supreme Court Decision Referenced
Keith Phaneuf - CTMirror - 2011
Teachers Union Explains How Things Work At Capitol
In the process the union did damage insulting influential legislators and more
Rick Green - Courant - Union
Main Street Says Look at Pensions
Stop reimbursing the costs of pensions and other retirement benefits at hugely profitable defense contractors Cld Realize 30 bil dlr savings
Providence is facing bankruptcy
Rhode Islands capital city will be in bankruptcy by June if it doesnt get help resolving its financial crisis.
by Ted Nesi, - - Jan 2012
South Dakota weighs ban on public sector collective bargaining
South Dakota is considering a Wisconsin style ban on public sector collective bargaining at all levels of government
By Melissa Maynard - Stateline - Feb 8, 2012
Federal Employees Owe 1.03 Billion Dollars in Unpaid Taxes
Congressional staffers owed about 10.6 million in unpaid taxes in 2010
By Ed OKeefe - Feb 2012 - Washington Post
CT high court upholds contractors antiunion challenge
The justices said PLAs are discriminatory and perpetuate fraud - corruption and favoritism
Various News - Sources - Feb 2012
Up next Shared sacrifice for retired teachers
Malloy wants to reduce the state share of an individual teacher health care from one third to one quarter saving the state 7.5 millio dlrs a year. - staff - Feb 15, 2012
Politicians are setting up taxpayers and government workers for an even bigger crash
That means trillions of dollars in higher taxes to provide no services or millions of betrayed public workers who will not get pension checks.
By Frank Keegan - State Budget Solutions - Feb 17, 2012
How Much More Will Unions Lose
In Arizona a senate committee voted to ban collective bargaining with public employee unions
Susan Kniep - The Federation - Feb 2012
Fed Employees Owe 1 Bil Dlrs in Unpaid Taxes
These figures are totally unacceptable to hard working Americans said Utah Rep Jason Chaffetz
Washington Post - Staff - Jan 23, 2012
Funding Gap Doubles for US Corporate Pensions
The funding gap for US corporate pension plans almost doubled in 2011
Financial Times - By Dan McCrum and Nicole Bullock - Jan 23, 012
Pensions Top List for Rhode Island Cities
Liabilities Run to Combined 2 Billion Dollars
By Paul Burton - - Jan 5, 2012
Union Workers Overwhelmingly Benefit from ObamaCare Waivers
Documents show that labor unions representing 543,812 workers received waivers from President Barack Obamas signature legislation since June 2011
By Brian Koenig - thenewamerican - Jan 9, 2012
Pensions and Promises and Perfidy
The defined benefit pensions concocted by politicians are now throwing towns and municipalities into bankruptcy
Paul Jacob - Townhall - January 1, 2012
Visit PENSION WEBSITE for public pension info throughout the country.
Also, visit the St of CT NEW TRANSPARENCY WEBSITE for information on State Employee Pensions, Salaries, vendor information and More.
The Federation of Connecticut - Taxpayer Organizations - 2011
Happy New Year suckers, pay up
Your share of public pension crisis now 424,500 Dollars
Frank Keegan - - Dec 30, 2011
Retirees Accept Pension Cuts in Rhode Island Town Bankruptcy
If the bankruptcy trustee accepts the proposed deal Central Falls public employees would represent the first workers to ever accept pension cuts during a municipal bankruptcy
John Clark - - Dec 30, 2011
State DNA Chiefs Side Jobs Face Scrutiny
Scientists Say Staffing Shortage Is The Problem
JOSH KOVNER and MATTHEW KAUFFMAN - Courant - November 12, 2011
Bail bondsmen welcome increased state oversight
referring to a new law aimed at cracking down on bail bondsmen who keep shoddy records - illegally undercut their competition - and break other rules in the state regulated industry.
Ed Jacovino - Journal Inquirer - December 29, 2011
Eighty state workers to be rehired while collecting pensions
Of the 990 vacant executive branch positions that Gov. Dannel P. Malloy will fill 80 will be temporary worker retirees or retired state employees who collect a paycheck and a pension at the same time
Ed Jacovino - Journal Inquirer - 2011
The 23 employees continue to get state pension checks at a rate of 1.5 million dollars a year.
Investigative Report - by Mark Lagerkvist - December 12, 2011
CT State pension fund falling far short of ability to pay retirees
Connecticut has only half the money needed to meet its obligations
JC Reindl - The Day - Dec 4, 2011
Cuts for the Already Retired
Pension Deal in Rhode Island Could Set a Trend
Mary Williams Walsh - New York Times - Dec 2011
How Government Unions And Their Allies On Wall Street Are Destroying California
With government employees a union agenda is inherently in conflict with the public interest
Also Check - and - Dec 2011
Will Public Employee Pension Plans Run Out of Money
How Wall Street Bought the Public Employee Unions and Public Employee Retirement Ages Are Coming Under Greater Scrutiny
Various News - Publications - Dec 2011
States expand lucrative pensions to more jobs
Workers who qualify for special state pensions
USA Today - Thomas Frank - Dec 2011
The Differences between Corporate Greed and Government Greed
SECOND ARTICLE Rhode Islands Landmark Pension Reforms Will Test Contract Law
Various News - Publicatons - Dec 2011
Digging a pension hole
Springfield politics wreaked havoc on retirement code
Chicago Tribune - E. Jason Wambsgans - Dec 2011
New Yorks see no evil pension guardian
SECOND ARTICLE Stanford researchers find that pension funds for California state workers are still in peril
Various News - Publications - Dec 2011
Even dim light of phony numbers reveals certain catastrophe of public pension crisis
For decades politicians and gov union bosses partied hearty running up a 4 trillion dlr tab falsely balancing their budgets by tapping into pension money.
Frank Keegan - - Dec 2011
Calculating Public Employee Total Compensation
Berkeley, Cal Retired City Manager Annual Pension Will Exceed His Former Salary, Illinois Governor Sets Up Panel to Examine States Troubled Pension System, and More Pension News
Various News - Publications - Dec 2011
80 state workers to be rehired while collecting pensions
Of the 990 vacant executive branch positions, 80 will be filed by temporary worker retirees, or retired state employees who collect a paycheck and a pension at the same time.
Journal Inquirer - Ed Jacovino - Nov 29, 2011
Government Worker Pensions ARE Wall Street
To fund government worker pensions, what has happened is the government workers have taken the taxpayers money, and essentially lent it back to the taxpayers.. - Editor - Nov 21, 2011
Report - Reduce Retirement Benefits
The report by the Connecticut Regional Institute for the 21st Century pegged unfunded pension and retiree medical benefits at 41.9 billion dollars... Access Report Here
Hartford Courant - MARA LEE - 2011
Public Unions Still Spreading. In a time of austerity, some states continue to go along.
CT and Minnesota Govs issued exec orders seeking to categorize home based child care providers as government employees making them eligible for unionization and susceptible to union dues.
Andrew Stiles - National Review on Line - Nov 23, 2011
Cut public employee pensions, California voters say
Rhode Island House and Senate Finance Committees Pass Sweeping Pension Overhaul Bill, Ohio vote shows unions still a political force
Various News - Publications - Nov 2011
Retired public workers can count on promised benefits, court says,
Retiree medical benefits fight heads back to court and Pension Battle Pits Haves Versus Have Mores
Various News - Publications - Nov, 2011
Republicans in Indiana to Seek Law Limiting Unions,
Obama Labor Dept Approves Deal Giving ExSolyndra Staff 13,000 dlrs Each In Federal Aid, and Top pensioner at Oregon Public Employee Retirement System earning 41,000 Dlrs a month
Various News - Publications - Nov 2011
When pension officials enable corruption
Also Read Double dipping labor leaders stand to reap millions from union retirement funds while also collecting city pensions
Chicago Tribune and - Other News Publications - Oct 2011
JOURNAL INQUIRER REPORTS State pension fund officer gets 300,000 Dollar gig
Her appointment as chief investment officer took effect immediately, making her responsible for the day to day investment operations of the states 22.4 billion dollar retirement fund.
Journal Inquirer - Don Michak - Nov 15, 2011
Cut public employee pensions, California voters say
Rhode Island Passes Sweeping Pension Overhaul Bill, Ohio vote shows unions still a political force
Various News - Publications - Nov 11, 2011
JACK ABRAMOFF The lobbyist playbook
Crooked lobbyist Jack Abramoff explains how he asserted his influence in Congress for years, and how such corruption continues today despite ethics reform.
Leslie Stahl - 60 Minutes - Nov 6, 2011
Nurse Making 269,810 Dollars Demonstrates California Overtime Binge
Keller got more overtime in 2010 than any other state employee. In all California public workers collected 1.7 billion dlrs of extra pay last year more than half of it in overtime state payroll data show.
By Michael B. Marois - Bloomberg - Oct 26, 2011
Corruption Investigators need to probe why City Hall finance officers allowed these outrages.
One labor leader stands to collect about 450,000 dollars a year from three pensions
Chicago Tribune - Editorial - Oct 12, 2011
Union Organizers Work 1 Day As Teachers - Get 100,000 Dlrs in State Pensions
Two union organizers that represent the Illinois Federation of Teachers were able to secure millions in state pensions by working one day as a teacher here in Illinois.
Warner Todd - Huston - Oct 25, 2011
Another grab for power by the teacher unions
Today in Connecticut anyone can inspect the evaluation of a police officer, a firefighter, a sanitation worker, a road crew member, or any other public employee, but not the evaluation of a teacher
Chris Powell - Journal Inquirer - Oct 10, 2011
Central Falls slashes dozens of pensions by 55 percent
Central Falls slashed one in three of its retirees pension checks by more than half this month - staff - Sept 2011
Chicago union bosses raking in millions from city pension fund
Thanks to a change in the citys pension code passed in 1991, 23 retired labor union officials stand to collect a total 56 million dollars from two city funds over their lifetimes
Huffington Post - Staff - Sept 23, 2011
As Public Pension Plans Seek Ways to Improve Funding, Some Look to Adjust Retiree COLAs
The pension reform bill signed in late June by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie effectively eliminates the COLA until a public plan in the state gets to at least 80 percent funding - Judy Ward - Sept 13, 2011
Have public unions failed the public
Authored book being released by John Wiley and Sons next month called Pension Ponzi How Public Sector Unions are Bankrupting Canada Health Care Education and Your Retirement.
Bill tufts and - Lee Fairbanks - Sept 5, 2011
Rhode Island Pension System Collapsing
Rhode Island turned its pension program into a Ponzi scheme with the same basic technique that is being used in cities and states all over the country to bamboozle workers and taxpayers alike. It projected unreasonable rates of return on the money the sta
Walter Russell Mead - Walter Russell Mead - Sept 2011
Rhode Island Businessman Mounts His Own 60,000 Dollar Pension Reform Campaign
Also, A Rhode Island judge has ruled in favor of state employee labor unions in the first round of a major legal challenge to state pension reform
Providence Journal - Their Staff - Sept 13, 2011
Legal Landscape on Pensions Gaining Clarity
Unions argue cuts eliminate benefits members and retirees earned. Judges ruled in Colorado and Minnesota COLAs not protected by contractual language or constitutional provisions.
Steve Malanga - - Sept 2, 2011
Have public unions failed the public
In this century the labour movement has morphed into a protection group focused on extracting more money from taxpayers. Most unions in Canada are public sector employee groups.
Bill tufts and Lee Fairbanks Commentary - telegraphjournal - Sept 5, 2011
Second Highly Paid UConn Cop To Retire
The second of UConn two highly paid top cops Maj. Ronald Blicher to retire five months after Courant disclosures sparked controversy over his 201,883 dlrs annual salary and the 255,848 a year pay of Chief Robert Hudd who also has said that he will retire
Jon Lender - Hartford Courant - Sept 1, 2011
Despite Gripes Troopers Get Unusual Perks And For Many Of Them Pretty Generous Pay And Overtime Opp
about 700 of Connecticut 1100 or so troopers were paid at least 80,000 dlrs during the past year with 397 of them taking home more than 100,000 and 46 receiving more than 150,000 dlrs and five sergeants making more than 200,000 dlrs the highest at 233,56
Jon Lender - Hartford Courant - Sept 4, 2011
Herskowitz Asks Labor Board To Nullify Agreement
Lisa Herskowitz the prosecutor who filed a labor complaint to halt the union re vote on a 1.6 billion dollar labor concessions agreement amended her complaint last week calling on the Labor Relations Board to invalidate the contract.
Hugh McQuaid - - Sept 2, 2011
Concessions Deal Leaves Overtime In State Pension Calculations Through 2022
Senate Republican leader John McKinney criticized Malloy for saying after the unions announcement that he would not push House leaders to pass a bill to exclude OT pay from state employees pensions a bill that Malloy supported when the Senate passed it mo
Jon Lender - Courant - August 21, 2011
EDITORIAL Big Laborís attack on democracy
Administration launches strike on Boeing and right to work states
Washington Times - Staff - May 2011
Collapse of public sector bargaining
There can be little question that great change is in the offing in our society in many areas including the provision of public services. Public sector employees are overpaid.
By Lanny Ebenstein - president of the California Center for Public Poli - Aug 22, 2011
Rival union ups pressure on AFSCME
The union looking to unseat another in representing the state prison guards has filed paperwork with the state Labor Department saying it has enough support to force a run off vote.
Journal Inquirer Newspaper - Ed Jacovino - Aug 16, 2011
Manhattan Moment Public sector pensions are anything but modest
Recent polls show that public opinion is turning against government workers because of their rich pay and benefits,especially pension benefits.
By Steven Malanga - Washington Examiner - Aug 2011
CADILLAC COVERAGE The High Cost of Public Employee Health Benefits
Focus is on the relatively low share of insurance premiums paid by government workers, when compared with their private sector counterparts.
Josh Barro, Walter B. Wriston Fellow - Manhattan Institute for Policy Research - Aug 2011
The Soaring Public Health Tab Healthcare costs for government workers are rising fast.
Healthcare costs for local and state governments have tripled in 15 years, outpacing the growth in private insurance premiums by about 20 percent.
Wall St Journal - Staff - Aug 2011
Latest Intimidation Tactic Is a Public Relations Disaster for Unions
The latest is an advertising campaign launched by the unions to dissuade voters from exercising their rights to sign initiative petitions.
Jon Coupal - Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association - Aug 2011
A City Upended by Unions
Central Falls declared bankruptcy because its sky high labor costs had impaired its ability to pay its bills. The ratings agencies say the development is no surprise, but we wonder whether they will be saying the same thing when a bigger city falls off a
Wall St Journal - Staff - Aug 4, 2011
California Town pays 500,000 thousand dollars to exofficial
Who had pleaded guilty to felony corruption charges involving questionable business deals between the city and his wife.
LA Times - Staff - Aug 2011
NJ judge files lawsuit against new pension and health benefit increases for public workers
New Jersey public worker pension and health benefits increases should be revoked for state judges because they unconstitutionally slash their salaries and undermine judicial independence a state Superior Court judge claims in a lawsuit.
By MaryAnn Spoto - The Star Ledger - July 22, 2011
State and local pension accounting takes a step toward transparency
The most significant change in the proposal will move unfunded pension liabilities out of a footnote and onto government balance sheets.
Zachary Janowski - - July 2011
Two Rulings Find Cuts in Public Pensions Permissible
Judges in Colorado and Minnesota have dismissed court challenges by retired public workers whose pensions had been cut
New York Times - Mary Williams Walsh - July 2011
Gates Says High Pension Costs Hurt Education
He said he is concerned that states public employee benefit costs could now stand in the way of broader changes.
Wall St Journal - ROBERT A. GUTH And MICHAEL CORKERY - 2011
In Old Saybrook only the police chief gets a big pay increase
10 Insanely Overpaid Public Employees
The Day and - The Fiscal Times - July 2011
NJ Senate Passes Public Employee Benefits Bill
New Jersey Senate passed bill requiring sharply higher contributions for health benefits and pensions from more than a half million government workers while suspending unions ability to bargain over health care.
Associated Press - ANGELA DELLI SANTI and BETH DeFALCO - June 2011
Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules Walker Wins while Unions Lose
The law eliminates most of public employees collective bargaining rights and requires them to pay more for their health care and pensions
Milwaukee Journal - Staff - June 2011
Senate Passes Collective Bargaining Reforms
House Declines But Labor Gets Message - Christine Stuart and Hugh McQuaid - June 2011
The Compensation Monster Devouring Cities
The real battle over public workers pay is happening in city halls not state capitols.
STEVEN MALANGA - Senior Editor of City Journal - July 2011
Lavish Pensions for Upper Crust Court Execs
Cal state court bureaucracy gives its most privileged a full 22 percent ride on top of their rich salaries. - Maria Dinzeo - July 2011
Bankrupted by Cushy Pension Contracts
Central Falls Rhode Island Facing Bankruptcy
thisiscommonsense - Paul Jacob - July 2011
California Prison Doctor Paid for Doing Little to Nothing
Collects 777,000 in Pay has a history of mental illness and was fired once for alleged incompetence.
Los Angeles Times - Staff - July 2011
Hostage to unions -Malloy proves inept. Last week he meekly settled for the authority to run state
gov on a day to day basis while unions are given indefinite time to reconsider what seems to be the most generous state government contract offer in the country.
Journal Inquirer - Chris Powell - July 5, 2011
Prague and Kissel at odds over longevity pay
Malloy says he will lay even more workers - unions scramble to make a deal
Ed Jacovino - Journal Inquirer - July 1, 2011
Losing political clout
Even longtime supporters take unions to task for rejection savings and concession agreement
Associated Press - Susan Haigh - July 4, 2011
Malloy gets OK for cuts
To lay off one thousand more workers
Journal Inquirer - By Ed Jacovino - July 1, 2011
Union leaders say no to bylaw changes
Malloy asks agency heads to identify cuts
Journal Inquirer - Marcus Hatfield - July 2, 2011
Republicans rap union stewards for doing their business on state time
State employee unions have 911 stewards who make an average of 62,618 dlrs a year who conduct union business on state time...
Journal Inquirer Newspaper - Ed Jacovino - April 2011
From the Office of Legislative Research.
The scope of the authority of the Governor to order state employee layoffs.
The Federation of - Connecticut Taxpayer Organizations - 2009
State of Connecticut Labor Contracts
Current contracts for 13 of the State employee bargaining units.
OPM - State of Connecticut - 2008
Fat pensions spell doom for many cities
Vallejo, Calif., took the extreme step of filing for bankruptcy to get out of generous obligations to public employees. Other cities and states are watching.
cnnmoney - staff - 2008
Tab for state employees rising
The average health insurance cost for a state worker is 17,200 for a family with government paying 14,900 dollars.
Journal Inquirer - Staff - June 2008
John Stossel reports on Stupid in America
Some nasty things are going on in our American public school system and it is about time we faced up to it.
John Stossel - ABC News - 2006
Summaries of Board and Court Decisions
Labor Board - State of Connecticut - June 2004
Taxpayers are Being Sued by Government Unions
A union representing public employees is suing more than 200 cities, towns, school districts and public agencies for a share of the windfall from Anthem Blue Cross
AP - Asspciated Press - Sept 2003
Connecticut State Employees Association
Coalition of state employee unions asked Connecticut Superior Court to vacate arbitrator award permitting Early Retirement Incentive Program
CSEA - CSEA Website - Nov 2003
Public Employee Unions Sap States Resources
A Report by the Yankee Institute on the effects of Public Unions on State Budgets
The Yankee Institute - Investors Business Daily - Sept 30, 2003
The Growth of State Workers
Rowland, Unions battle for support
- - - - September - 2002



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