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Ruling on CT School Funding Lawsuit
Check out appeal and more
CT Post, - New York Times - 2016
Plaintiffs Say School System does not Give Students in Poorer Areas an Equal Education and - Wall St Journal - August 2016
The Institute for Justice is Working for Families throughout the Country to Give them an Opportunity for School Choice
Visit the Website of the - Family Institute Today - July 2016
Some Top Officials at UConn get pay raises
Get the Latest from Reports on - Education - July 2016
Student Loan Delinquencies are Sky High
Ten Colleges Where Students Owe the Most
News - Publications - June 2016
Keep Current on What others are saying about Education
News from - - July 2016
Senate Passes Overhaul of No Child Left Behind
and Much More News on Education from The Hill
The Hill - Staff - July 2015
The Real Financial Crisis in College
Wine Cellars, Shooting Clubs, a corrupted 20 Million Dlr State Grant, a College Presidents 500,000 Dlr Comp Package
Adam Andrzejewski - Forbes - July 2015
Analyzing Trends in Pell Grant Recipients and Expenditures
Brookings Institute
Brookings - Staff - July 2015 provides a wealth of information on schools and education
Check frequently ... - Staff - Aug 2015
Americas Top High Schools
How Does Your School Rate
Newsweek - Staff - August 2015
Common Core Rather Shady
Proclaims one Education Expert
Breibart - Staff - Jan 2014
No Child Left Behind Turns 12
Better schools are still out of reach for millions of students across the country
Heritage - Staff - Jan 2014
Judge Rejects State Request to Delay School Funding Trial
Check out Underfunding in Your Town - Article by CTMirror - Staff - Jan 17, 2014
News From CTMirror
More Transparency Headed to Education and Much More News
Federation of CT - Taxpayer Org - July 2013
Keep Current on News on Education in Connecticut Through and
Two Excellent Online - News Publications - Oct 2012
Michigan City Outsources All of Its Schools
Highland Park Turns Over Troubled Operations to For Profit Charter Firm
Wall St Journal - Staff - Aug 2012
Louisiana teachers union threatens to sue private schools
Two unions and the Louisiana School Boards Association have sued the state arguing that the new voucher program is unconstitutional. - By Joy Pullmann School Reform News - August 2012
Federation Board Member Dr Armand Fusco is Recognized for His Recent Publication
By The Education Action Group Foundation for School Pushouts A Plague of Hopelessness Perpetuated by Zombie Schools
The Federation of - CT Taxpayer Organizations - July, 2012
Privatization an issue in Conn education bill
Also Check Out Bridgeport abandons pass to play school policy
Various News - Articles - May 2012
Rochester teacher misconduct case is perfect example of why tenure system should be trashed
Parents upset with bureaucratic nonsense and union protections giving dangerous teachers continued access to their children
EAG Communications - Victor Skinner - March 14, 2012
Group Ups The Ante In Education Lawsuit With High Powered Law Firm
Education Reform Passes Senate
CTNewsJunkie - Christine Stuart - May 2012
School vouchers spark growing court fights in US
Students are at the heart of political fights and court battles over whether public dollars should go to school vouchers to help make private schools more affordable.
KIMBERLY HEFLING - The Associated Press - April 9, 2012
Governors disputed education reforms turn on politics and policy and labor law
Also Read Union tries to rally support for study on state run retirement savings plan - staff - April 27, 2012
State areas cited in national report linking achievement gap housing inequality
And Much More News on Education - Staff - April 19, 2012
Student Loans on Rise for Kindergarten
Unable to afford private school more parents are turning to loans years before their children start college
By ANNAMARIA ANDRIOTIS - Smart Money - March 28, 2012
Teacher Ratings Aired in New York
The release of data evaluating NY City teachers on their ability to boost student test scores represents a potentially powerful new tool for parents to assess their childrens public schools
STEPHANIE BANCHERO - Wall St Journal - Feb 25, 2012
After a two year experiment, a question lingers - Is there hope for Harding High
Read this and other news on Education in CT
Various News - Sources - March 2012
Malloy proposes 50 million dollar increase in ECS funding
Malloy talks of surpluses while his new budget aims for a deficit - Online News Publication - Feb 2012
Keep Current on News on Education in Connecticut and check the following Web Links Daily
Not everyone celebrating Malloys school choice agenda and more news on Education and - - Feb 12, 2012
Teachers Union Starts Ad Campaign
Connecticuts largest teachers union went on offense in a looming education reform debate kicking off a television ad campaign during the NY Giants playoff game
Wall St Journal - SHELLY BANJO - Jan 23, 2012
Despite Sweeping Scandals
Big States Do not Check for Cheating by Teachers
by Lois Beckett - ProPublica - Jan 2012
Malloy and teacher unions split as legislative session approaches
A brewing fight over teacher certification
By Jacqueline Rabe Thomas - - Feb 1, 2012
Pink slips given to top higher education officials
Numerous highly paid top officials at the Connecticut State University and the community college systems received pink slips - 24 positions with an average salary of 141,000 dlrs each
Jacqueline Rabe Thomas - - Jan 9 2012
As expected graduation rates drop drastically
No method to madness of early education spending and much more news by CTMirror
CTMirror - Check their website daily - Dec 2011
Arrests at Connecticut schools bring scrutiny
From March through May of this year, more than 700 arrests were made in Connecticut schools according to data obtained from the Court Support Services Division
Special to the Register - Lisa Chedekel - December 14, 2011
Illinois Higher Education Floundering
Government Corruption Part Of The Problem
Jen Sabella - Huffington Post - Dec 5, 2011
CTMirror provides a wealth of Information on Education in Connecticut.
New commissioner looks for schools that are succeeding - Education panel considers competitive funding grants - and Much More
CTMirror - Staff - Nov 2011
Pension, sick time payout for teacher after test tampering scandal
Waterbury teacher gets 38,131 dollar pension and much more news on scandal
Various News - Publications - Aug Thru Oct 2011
State Says Sheff Goals More Than Met - Lawyer For Plaintiffs Not So Sure
State Says 67 Percent Of Hartford Minority Students Seeking School Choice Options Got Them This Year
KATHLEEN MEGAN - The Hartford Courant - Nov 22, 2011
Too many job applicants lack the most basic skills, companies tell congressman
Manufacturers in Connecticut want to hire skilled workers but are not able to do so because they cannot find enough qualified job candidates, according to a new survey released Monday by one of the states congressmen.
Ed Jacovino - Journal Inquirer - 2011
Harkin No Child Left Behind Bill No Longer Mandates Teacher Evaluations
Sen. Tom Harkin D-Iowa shifted a major teacher evaluation requirement out of his rewrite of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act known as No Child Left Behind over the weekend, shifting the dynamics of the debate over the passage of the bill.
Huffington Post - Staff - Oct 2011
Across the region teachers avoid pay concessions
While workers in many fields faced pay cuts and unpaid furloughs during the recession and school districts were forced to choose between tax increases and program cuts
Linda Lamback - CT Post - June 2010
School Parent Groups Empower Push For Education Reform
School parent groups are no longer just about holding the next bake sale fundraiser. They are about education reform.
Huffington Post - Christina Hoag - Oct 9, 2011 reports on Business leaders outline essential reforms to close ed achievement gap
This Oct 2010 Article Provides Information on What Business Leaders are Looking for to Improve Education in our State
The Federation of CT - Taxpayer Organizations - Nov 2011
Despite Sweeping Scandals Big States Do not Check for Cheating by Teachers
The cheating in Atlanta was uncovered in part thanks to two simple checks that states can conduct to look for suspicious test results
ProPublica - Lois Beckett - September 2011
Overhaul of education financing formula likely to wait until 2013
For the current fiscal year, the state is set to spend 2.8 billion dollars on education, about 14 percent of the whole budget. - Jacqueline Rabe - Aug 26, 2011
DealBook - Grassley Questions Education Agency Ties to Wall Street
Senator Charles E. Grassley is examining whether Education Department officials disclosed confidential government information to hedge fund managers
BUSINESS DAY | - By Ben Protess - July 28, 2011
Best and Worst High Schools in the Region on in their August, 2011 Issue
Three Top High Schools are Avon, Simsbury and Glastonbury. Where does your school stand.... - Check this website often - August Issue of
Mastery Tests Show Continued Achievement Gap
State Deparment of Education released a Connecticut Mastery Test 2011 Town by town list of scores - staff - July 2011
Business led school reform group launches in Connecticut
Several corporate leaders are launching a nonprofit organization to push for education reforms in Connecticut
Associated Press - STEPHANIE REITZ - July 2011
US students still trail global leaders
The top performers in reading were South Korea, Finland, Hong Kong and Shanghai in China, Singapore, Canada, New Zealand, Japan and Australia.
Associated Press - CHRISTINE ARMARIO - Dec 2010
FCTO Sent a Letter to Governor Rell on the following...
It is Time to Revolutionize Connecticut Educational System, To Cap Local Property Taxes, and Reform State Binding Arbitration Laws
The Federation of - Connecticut Taxpayer Organizations - 2009
Connecticut State Department of Education
Research Various Resources
State of CT - Dept of Ed - 2009
View Report by Governor
Gov Rell Report - State of CT - 2007
CT Public School Enrollment Shrinking 17 percent.
Connecticut public schools reported a drop in enrollment.
Connecticut State - Data Center - 2008
First Phase Of Reforms Launched In Hartford Schools
The lowest performing schools in the district have been shut down and reincarnated with different teachers and new educational philosophies.
Hartford Courant - ARIELLE LEVIN BECKER - August 2008
Connecticut State Department of Education
Research State of Connecticut Department of Education
State of CT - Dept of Education - 2008
Miscellaneous Information on School Vouchers
One group, All Children Matter, works for the election of public officials who are committed to the enactment of meaningful reforms to ensure that all children in America have equal access to a quality education.
Various News - Sources - 2008
School Vouchers
The time has come for Congress to stop playing political games and, instead, undertake a fair assessment of a program that gives D.C. families a say in their childrens education.
Washington Post - Editorial - Aug 2008
Lieberman standing strong on school choice
Includes Op Ed by Tom Durso, Lieberman Message on School Choice, and various School Choice Websites
The Federation of - Connecticut Taxpayer Organizations - 2008
Tale of Two Protests
An 18-year-old South Carolinian could not read at the first-grade level after 12 years in public school.
Staff - New York Sun - 2006
Articles of Interest on the Effects of Teachers Unions on the American Educational System.
News Articles - News Articles - 1997 to 2007
John Stossel Program on Stupid in America
How Lack of Choice Cheats Our Kids Out of a Good Education
John Stossel - ABCNews - 2006
Education Reform Links
In appreciation to the Yankee Institute for their excellent research in compiling these links
Staff - Yankee Institute - Feb, 2004
Shifting education funding from the property tax to other sources.
State of Conn Staff - Office of Legislative Research - 2000
Cato Institute: “We envision a day when state-run schools give way to a dynamic independent system.
The following are publications produced by the Cato Institute which relate to School Choice
Staff - Cato Institute - Feb 23, 2004
The Six Habits of Fiscally Responsible Public School Districts
Learn how other states are combating the high costs of education
Kirk Johnson PhD - Mackinac Center for Public Policy - Dec 2002
States Voice Doubts about Federal Education Law
National Conference of State Legislators Discuss Penalties for Poor Performing Schools
AP - Associated Press - Dec 2003
Panel Urges Shift Of Tax Burden To State
State Panel Proposes Shifting $1 Billion in Education Costs to State from Towns
Press Reporter - Associated Press - Oct 1, 2003
An Easy Way to Control Soaring School Costs
A Report Offered by the Yankee Institute for Public Policy of Hartford CT
Theodore Martland - Yankee Institute - April 3, 2003



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