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Check to see how the Mill Rate in Your Town compares to Other Towns
Here are the top 5 HARTFORD 74.29 WATERBURY 58.22 NEW BRITAIN 49.00 NORWICH 48.06 EAST HARTFORD 45.86.
State of Connecticut - OPM - Oct 2015
Top 10 States with the Highest Taxes
Connecticut Ranks Number 4 with the Highest State and Local Taxes
Cheatsheet - Staff - June 2015
CT Mayors Looking for Money
And Ideas in Washington
Ana Radelat - - Jan 2015
Malloy Trying to Spare Towns from Cuts
But Makes No Promises
Keith Phaneuf - - Jan 14 2015
CCM to Malloy
Send Your Car Tax Plan to the Scrap Heap - Eileen McNamara - March 2013
A unique way to increase local budgets has several contracts with local police departments in Connecticut to liquidate stolen goods.
Hartford Courant - Korky Vann - August
Charter Revision OKs budget process change
Newington Mayor Jeff Wright has proposed a budget referendum to be held if the Town Council proposes a property tax increase above 3 percent. If a proposed tax increase fails twice at referendum, the tax would be capped at 3 percent.
MARYELLEN APELQUIST - Journal Register News Service - August 31, 2008
Update on state budget votes.
A little over half of Connecticut towns, or 85 towns, are referendum towns this year.
Bill Generous - Hebron Dollars and Sense - June 2008
Payments to Municipalities and Local Governments
The data provides a listing of payments made to all 169 Connecticut municipalities and other local governments from various agencies of the State of Connecticut.
OPM - State of CT - 2008
Municipal Databases and Resources
Mill Rates and More
OPM - State of Connecticut - 2007
Municipal Fiscal Indicators
Fiscal Years Ended 2002-2006
OPM - State of CT - 2007
Municipal Retirement Systems Task Force Final Report
This publication describes the methods used to finance municipal retirements systems and includes the findings and recommendations of the Municipal Retirement Systems Task Force.
OPM - State of Connecticut - 2007
Tactics Often Used to Form and Sell Budgets
The following is a resource that can be used to become aware of and be armed to counter tactics sometimes used by officials as they form and try to sell their proposed budgets.
Peter Arcidiacono - FCTO - 2003
Municipal Fiscal Indicators
Contains the most current financial data available for each of Connecticut 169 municipalities
OPM - OPM - July 2003
Top Down Budgeting
One Approach to Controlling Government Spending
Peter Arcidiacono - FCTO - Sept 9, 2003



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