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State - Budget is a valuable tool when researching the
State Budget, Healthcare and More
The Federation of CT - Taxpayers - March 2017
The Yankee Institute Has Produced Many Valuable Reports
On the Fiscal Condition of our State. Visit their website often.
The Federation of CT - Taxpayers - March 2017
Many State Retiree Pensions Exceed 200,000 DOLLARS
The State Debt has reached 74.3 BILLION DOLLARS. Thirteen State Labor Union Contracts are being negotiated in secret.
The Federation of - Taxpayers - April 2017
State Legislature Gives Towns Power to Lend Money to Those Who Cannot Obtain Financing Thru A Bank
or a Traditional Lending Institution while denying Voters a Mandated Right to a Referendum
The Federation of CT - Taxpayers - October 1, 2016
Downgrades, Debt and Deficits
News Updates - and More - 2016
The CT Mirror - Staff - Oct 2016
Check to See How the Mill Rate in Your Town Compares to Other CT Towns
The Top Five are HARTFORD 74.29 WATERBURY 58.22 NEW BRITAIN 49.00 NORWICH 48.06 EAST HARTFORD 45.86.
State of Connecticut - Office of Policy and Management - October 2015
The government employee unions run his party – the majority party – and thus the whole state
Chris Powell writes an excellent editorial - Do not miss one word of MALLOY HAD NO CHOICE WITH BUDGET CUTS AND HE DOES NOT WANT ONE
Chris Powell - Journal Inquirer - Oct 2015
CT staring at another 1 BILLION DOLLAR DEFICIT after next state election
Check these two websites every day to keep current on the State of our State - - October 2015
Hedge Funds - Anna Radelat - Aug 29, 2015
Top 10 States with the Highest Taxes
Connecticut Ranks at Number 4
Cheatsheet - Staff - June 27, 2015
Another Great Website for State Budget News and More, Check it Often - staff - August 2015
Get the Latest on State Taxes and Budgets
CTNewsJunkie - Staff - August 2015
Mallozzi Rips Malloy
Fears some could lose their homes
New Canaan Advertiser - Their Staff - May 2015
Lembo Backs Malloy Suggesting Smaller Deficit
Ending necessity for implementing Deficit Mitigation Plan and much more news on the State Budget
The Federation of - Ct Taxpayer Org - Feb 2 2015
Comptroller Lembo Projects 89.4 million dollar State Deficit
For Fiscal Year 2015 after Latest Reductions
State Comptroller - Lembo - Feb 2 2015
Excellent Reporting by Don Michak of the Journal Inquirer of Manchester
Don Michak - Journal Inquirer - Oct 2014
State Treasurer Targets Teacher Fund
Journal Inquirer News Article on Stinging Review by State Auditors
Journal Inquirer - Don Michak - Sept 2014
State of the State and Its Not Good
Nonpartisan Analysts Predict State Budget Deficit of 2.8 Billion Dollars for fiscal year 2016-2017 and much more news
Various News - Sources - June 2014
CT Defense Industry Wins Big in US Budget Bill
And Much More News on the Budget from CTMirror - Staff - Jan 2014
Connecticut Retirement Funds can Sue Amgen
In a ruling by the Supreme Court
Staff at - - 2013
Property Taxes Pave the Way to Serfdom
If you do not pay your property taxes the town can take your property away.
Michael Bargo Jr - Delaware Newszap - Jan 2014
DEMS FIND FUNDRAISING LOOPHOLE - Another Excellent Article from the Journal Inquirer
Contributors give to federal account to sidestep laws
Journal Inquirer - Ed Jacovino - Jan 28, 2014
25 Taxpayer Subsidized Companies Did Not Meet Contracted Job Goals
State Report for 2011-12 shows that the companies in its Business Assistance Portfolio received a total of 296 million dollars in state subsidies include 219 million dollars in tax credits - 73 million dlrs in loans - 3.25 million dlrs in grants
Journal Inquirer - Don Michak - June 2013
State of our State
1 Billion Dlr Deficit Awaits Next Governor CT Has Worst Performing Economies and Much More News on the State of our State
The Federation of - CT Taxpayer Org - Dec 2013
Good Government or Just Good Politics
Written in 1997 to Highlight State Legislators Hiring Party Loyalists which Continues Today.
Susan - Kniep - July 2013
Summary of State Revenues by Fund, Tax Type and Account
For Fiscal Years 2007 through 2012.
Robert Young - Federation of CT Taxpayer Organizations - October 2012
CT military industry jobs hang in limbo as deep budget cuts loom
By Howard French - Journal Inquirer - October 9, 2012
State debt more than 37,000 Dlrs per private worker, 13,000 Dlrs per capita
Connecticut among the highest
State Budget Solutions - by Cory Eucalitto - Oct 2, 2012
State focuses on bankrolling businesses
In one vote the commission will approve 65.2 million dollars in subsidies.
Ed Jacovino - Journal Inquirer - Oct 2, 2012
Baldwin leaves state holding the bag For more than 250 Thousand Dollars
LLC behind Hockey Fest at Rentschler Field owes state more than a quarter million dollars
Don Michak - Journal Inquirer - Aug 2012
Connecticut Needs Tax Relief
End Binding Arbitration and More
Journal Inquirer of - Manchester - July 2012
Connecticut needs tax relief
Abolish binding arbitration and grant teachers the right to strike.Pass Proposition 13 type legislation mandating property taxes cannot exceed a certain percentage or mill rate.
The Journal Inquirer - of Manchester - July, 2012
State loses Front Street lawsuit and could be on hook for millions
Halloran and Sage Represented State in 7 Yr Lawsuit at cost exceeding 3 million dollars.
By Ed Jacovino - Journal Inquirer - July 20, 2012
Legislative session does not clear up uncertain fiscal outlook
And Much More News on the State Budget and Legislative Session
Various News - Sources - May 12, 2012
Republican Lawmakers Say Malloy Needs To Be Honest With Wall Street
Republican legislative leaders claim Gov Malloy plan to use 222 million dollars that had been reserved to pay off 2009 borrowing will not help state credit rating
CTNewsJunkie - Christine Stuart - May 1, 2012
Faltering income tax widens deficit threatens Malloy budget for Coming Year
Malloy 20.14 billion dollar budget is 66.9 million dollars in deficit and needs to finish with 75 million surplus resulting in a 142 million dollar hole. - Keith Phaneuf - April 20, 2012
State Comptroller Predicts 120 Million Dollar Deficit at Year End
Despite Largest Tax Increase in History
Christine Stuart - CTNewsJunkie - April 2, 2012
Public Pensions and State Debt
Just How Screwed Are We Check Out Connecticut
Meep - conservativecommune - April 2012
Red Light Camera Legislation
Is All About the Money
Hartford Courant - Kevin Rennie - April 2012
Keep Current On Ct Budget News
At CTMirror
CTMirror - Staff News - March 2012
Despite Rosy Talk State Budget Is Full Of Holes
State Treasurer Nappier released a report that Connecticut cash on hand had dwindled to a record low....
Lawrence F. Cafero Jr - CT House Republican leader - Feb 12, 2012
Jepsen defends 25 billion dollar settlement with banks over mortgage fraud and foreclosure abuses
CT share is estimated $190 million. Keep current with news on CT thorough the Journal Inquirer.
Don Michak - Journal Inquirer - Feb 10, 2012
Keep Current on State Budget News
Is next state tax debate nearer than expected and More State Budget News
The Federation of CT - Taxpayer Organizations - Feb 2, 2012
High Taxes One Reason Moodys Wrong To Upgrade Outlook
State Must Learn Difference Between Spending and Investing
Hartford Courant - Commentary - Feb 2, 2012
State cash flow problem sparks partisan feud
Your credit card bill is high - The state owes 19.5 billion dollars - Staff - December and January
First, Make Government Accountable
State To Do List Redefine the relationship with employees. The state budget is not a great sow
Hartford Courant - Editorial - Jan 1, 2012
Computer crash leaves MDC unable to issue, pay bills
...the head of the agency has the discretionary authority to spend as much as 1 million dollars on expenses without immediate ratification
Journal Inquirer - Don Michak - Jan 7, 2012
Malloy deal with Jackson Lab
Lawmakers in October approved 291 million dollars in state borrowing to finance the deal - Much of that is in forgivable loans
Ed Jacovino - Journal Inquirer - Jan 6, 2012
State used borrowed funds to meet expenses
This is not only mortgaging the future this is the same fiscal slight of hand that led to the downgrading of our credit said Cafero
Ed Jacovino - Journal Inquirer - Jan 7, 2012
Efforts Under Way to Fix Connecticut Bridges
...of the nearly 4,000 road bridges 190 were deemed in poor condition in 2000. That figure grew to 317 by 2010.
SUSAN HAIGH - Associated Press - Dec 28, 2011
Legislative report describes how state could take over CL&P
Don Michak - Journal Inquirer - December 9, 2011
Two Governors Two Styles ... Tax Cuts In Nebraska - Tax Hikes In Connecticut
In Connecticut Gov Dannel Malloy enacted the largest tax increase in state history this year and the states unemployment rate of 9.1 percent ranks in the bottom half in the nation.
CHRISTOPHER KEATING - The Hartford Courant - October 11, 2011
Budget leaves Malloy, lawmakers, little margin to handle crises
With virtually no cushion below the constitutional spending cap, more than 830 million dollars in savings targets that must be hit, the potential for cost overruns in key health care programs, the budget effectively has no margin for error...
Keith M. Phaneuf - - Sept 2011
Moody to Factor In State Pension Gap In State Rating
Connecticut has one of the largest total indebtedness
NYTimes - Staff - Jan 2011
The state finished the 2010-11 fiscal year in June with a 236.9 million dollar surplus
The surplus would have been more than 1 billion dlrs and was driven by higher than expected tax collections. But lawmakers put 14.5 million dlrs of surplus toward retiree healthcare and used 915.8 million to pay off borrowing approved to balance budget
Journal Inquirer of Manchester - Staff - Sept 2, 2011
Concession deal lacks emergency safeguards if economy slumps
The lack of any such provision coupled with a four year prohibition against layoffs for most unionized state employees led minority Republican lawmakers to predict the Democratic governor deal will sink state finances if Connecticut recovery from the last
Keith Phaneuf - - Sept 2011
AP INTERVIEW Connecticut AG drops whistleblower claims
Jepsen the state Senate former Democratic majority leader has closed 513 of the 699 whistleblower cases he inherited from Blumenthal when he took office in January
STEPHEN SINGER - Associated Press - Sept 2011
See what is happening in other states....
New York State budget report 4.6 billion dollar gap by 2015, U.S. budget ax hangs over California, and More
State Budget Solution - Check Frequently - Aug 2011
State Surplus Reaches 159 Million Dollars
But It Will not Ease Budget Woes
Dan Haar - Hartford Courant - Aug 1, 2011
Another Great Website to keep current on what is happening in Connecticut and at the Legislature.
Keep Current on - State News - Aug 2011
Keep Current with
Looking for news on the State Budget... Check out
A great resource - check it daily - Aug 2011
States Where People Pay Most and Least in Taxes
CONNECTICUT The state with the highest per capita income in the country collects more than 5,000 dollars per resident on average, THE MOST IN THE COUNTRY.
Charles B. Stockdale, Michael B. Sauter, and - Douglas A. McIntyre - July 22, 2011
TAX SURPRISE Connecticut to grab more income
Of the 1.45 million taxpayers in the Connecticut according to the Office of Policy and Management, the biggest portion 77 percent fall into the 5 percent and 5.5 percent tax brackets, which ranges in adjusted gross income from over 20,000 to 100,000 dolla
New Haven Register - Staff - July 24, 2011
State and local pension accounting takes a GASB step toward transparency
The way states and local governments account for pensions is about to change
Zachary Janowski - - July 2011
GOP chastises Malloy for non essential projects
Republicans decried more than 28 million dollars in financing released by the State Bond Commission - Staff - July 2011
Towns that would lose millions concerned with lack of deal
Millions at stake.
Ed Jacovino - Journal Inquirer - April 2011
Republicans offer a state budget without tax hikes
Our proposal achieves its objective by refocusing government on its core functions, eliminating waste and redundancy, ...
Journal Inquirer - Ed Jacovino - April 19 2011
Malloy contingency plan hits aid to towns
Cities and towns would lose one-third of their state aid under a contingency plan Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has requested in case there is no agreement on ONE BILLION DOLLARS in union savings and concessions to help balance his budget.
Associated Press - As Apppeared in Journal Inquirer - April 2011
Subsidies not creating jobs as hoped
Nearly half of 63 companies that got state Department of Economic Development grants and loans failed to create or maintain jobs agreed to
Journal Inquirer - Don Michak - April, 2011
Labor talks hit the rough
Before they even start
Journal Inquirer - Keith Phaneuf - Jan 3, 2010
Budget fight turns inward for state Democrats
Journal Inquirer Newspaper - Keith M. Phaneuf - Dec 26, 2009
Analysis by Journal Inquirer
Long fought battle for income tax change bears fruit
Keith Phaneuf - Journal Inquirer - Sept 11, 2009
New budget leaves a huge mess to clean up in 2011
Though the $1.2 billion of tax hikes in the new state budget dominated debate at the Capitol, the same package digs a fiscal hole more twice that size.
Keith M. Phaneuf - Journal Inquirer - Sept 1, 2009
There is always room for pork
Crisis budget still contains earmarks for Democratic districts
Keith M. Phaneuf - Journal Inquirer - Sept 1, 2009
The Federation of CT - Taxpayer Organizations - Aug 2009
Rell tax plan lobs a softer hit to wealthy than expected
She would increase income taxes, but give a break on the estate tax for properties worth more than $2 million
Journal Inquirer - By Keith M. Phaneuf - Aug 28, 2009
Judge holds Connecticut campaign financing is unconstitutional
Attorney General Richard Blumenthal expected to seek a stay of the ruling from the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York.
Journal Inquirer - Alex Wood and Keith M. Phaneuf - Aug 28, 2009
Democrats offer new budget proposals, optimism
Democrats have proposed nearly $2 billion to be raised this fiscal year and next
Journal Inquirer - Keith M. Phaneuf - August 19, 2009
Budget standoff comes with a new price. Nappier expects state to face higher charges.
If state government bond rating is downgraded, Nappier said, Connecticut could face added interest costs as high as $80 million this fiscal year.
Journal Inquirer - Keith M. Phaneuf - Aug 18, 2009
Rell, lawmakers face deadline that carries $1 billion penalty
State Comptroller Nancy Wyman said she is required by law to use the Rainy Day Fund, to close the deficit if one exists two months after the fiscal year has ended.
Journal Inquirer - Keith M. Phaneuf - July 2009
Rell popularity takes tumble, legislators in free-fall
Rell, a Republican, scores highest in her own party, with an 81 percent approval rating, and among independent voters, with 70 percent. Among Democrats, 49 percent approve of Rell and 45 percent disapprove.
Keith M. Phaneuf - Journal Inquirer - July 2009
State workers making six figures, in retirement
Nearly 200 retired state employees or their spouses are receiving, or are about to begin receiving, annual pensions of more than $100,000
Don Michak - Journal Inquirer - July 2009
Big raise set for top pension fund official
The next chief investment officer for the state pension fund will be paid between $275,000 and $350,000 annually
Don Michak - Journal Inquirer - July, 2009
Is the state sweeping its budget problems where they wont be seen?
An Analysis by the Journal Inquirer on the State Budget.
Keith M. Phaneuf - Journal Inquirer - July 2009
ANALYSIS... Democrat budget riddled with holes
Gov Rell said ... The Democrat Budget contains so many holes that new and higher taxes would be needed every year for years to come.
Journal Inquirer - Keith M. Phaneuf - June 29, 2009
Democrats send budget to Rell
Governor expected to veto $2.5 billion tax package
Journal Inquirer - Keith M. Phaneuf - June 28, 2009
State Unions Approve Concessions
Two sides appear to have agreed to a two-year no-layoff provision....
Hartford Courant - John Lender - May 8, 2009
State Treasurer Says It is Time To Clean House At Bank Of America
State Treasurer Nappier oversees the $20 billion Connecticut Retirement Plans and Trust Funds
The Hartford Courant - Staff - April 2009
With 5 million private sector workers on the unemployment line, Gov Rell did what most of us are doing with our own budgets - downsizing.
The Federation of - Ct Taxpayer Organizations - Feb, 2009
The Federation Supports the No Tax Increase Budget Proposed by Gov. Rell
We encourage the State Legislature to immediately enact reforms to Binding Arbitration Laws.
Press Conference - Feb 11, 2009 - Remarks from
The Federation Offers Suggestions for the Upcoming Budget
Cap Local Property Taxes, Reform State Binding Arbitration Laws, and More
The Federation of - Connecticut Taxpayer Org. - 2009
Governor Rell Announces Current Year Deficit
Skyrockets to Nearly 922 Million Dollars
Governor Rell - St of CT - 2009
Tab for state employees rising
Nearly one-third of that 18.41 billion dollar plan will be spent on state workers, retirees, and their families
Journal Inquirer - Keith M. Phaneuf - 2008
Various Search Engines
State of CT - State Comptroller - 2008
2008-2009 BUDGET
Impact of 2009 Budget Rescissions Office of Policy and Management and more
The Federation of - Connecticut Taxpayer Organizations - 2008
Governor Rell FY 2008-09 Midterm Budget Adjustments
Budget Address February 6, 2008 and More
Susan Kniep - FCTO - Feb 2008
Governor Rell - Surplus Up $92 Million
Governor Rell to Mayors - Democrats Budget Proposal Has Dire Consequences for Municipalities
Susan Kniep - FCTO - April 2007
Budget Documents from 2002 to 2007
OPM - State of Connecticut - August 2006
Governor M. Jodi Rell delivers her State of the State Address.
Review Governor Rells FY 2006-07 Midterm Budget Adjustments.
Staff - State Capital - 2006
A comparison of the process Connecticut uses to authorize state bonds with that used by Massachusetts and New York.
Staff - Office of Legislative Research - 2004
State of Connecticut 2003-2005 Budget
Staff - State of Connecticut - 2005
Understanding the Budget Process in Connecticut
Connecticut budget process can seem intimidating, but it need not be. The budget drives most of Connecticut state policies, especially in health care. Advocates are well advised to pay attention and learn the basics.
Staff - Health Advocacy Toolbox - 2005
State Ends Year with $900,000 Surplus
State Comptroller Nancy Wyman Says State Will End Fiscal Year with $900,000 Surplus
Nancy Wyman - State of Connecticut - June 1, 2004
Let the Sun Shine in on the Legislature
State taxes were raised by $490 million for the biennium and the citizens were not given the proper input.
State Rep Seam Williams - State Legislator - Jan 16, 2004
A legislative history of the law requiring a balanced budget, including legislative intent and a brief description of the political circumstances surrounding its passage.
Office of Legislative Research - State of Connecticut - February, 2002
Economic Development Assistance and Job Creation from 1995 to 2001.
A review of the total value of financial assistance the state economic development agencies provided to businesses from FYs 1995 to 2001 and the total number of jobs created.
Office of Legislative Research - State of Connecticut - Feb 2002
Rowland Signs Final 4 Bills New 13.5 Billion Dollar Budget Enacted
Gov. John G. Rowland signed the final four bills Wednesday to enact the new 13.5 billion dollar state budget.
Christopher Keating - Hartford Courant - August 21, 2003



National Debt


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